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Jure Kralj is a self thought photographer,

who likes to photograph street beats all the way to wildlife. He wants to fill his life by traveling the world and exploring all the smallest and hidden corners of the world. Through his photographs, he wants to express how he perceives the world, even though it is sometimes dark and full of strange emotions.

When you succeed abroad, you succeed at home!

He started his journey on a small Apple iPod listening device. Today he owns quite a few equipment, which is at a very high level because there is so much effort to create. He had his first exhibition in his local area and his potential was seen at Hostel Pekarna in Maribor where he was offered the first opportunity. That same year, he was part of a photography exhibition at the International Festival Lent event.

Among the greatest achievements is the first two exhibitions abroad in Amsterdam and Milan in 2018. He entered into cooperation with the AAMI Institute of Ljubljana, where he was taken under his wing and became a member of their El Salvador club. For Jure it was 2019 very fruitful as he managed to sell his first work outside the borders of Slovenia to France (where the following 3 photos fell off), which greatly encouraged him to continue working. It was an indication that he was on the right track. In 2019 he attended the Art Expo 2.0 in Ljubljana and participated in the 5th Art Fair in Maribor, where he received a lot of positive reviews.

In December 2019, he also received a Diploma in Photography, The End, under the auspices of the Slovenian Photographic Association and the renowned Digital Camera magazine. He has been part of Emporium exhibition in Ljubljana and the international exhibition in Prague and the upcoming exhibition in Edinburg has been postpones because COVID situation in 2020. 

Through her work, Jure wants to change the world. He has devised a project where he will donate a share of the amount to one of the charity projects he is working on with each purchase. The buyer can then decide which project to donate to.

As one of the biggest successes lately, I consider that I have somehow convinced people behind SIGMA brand with my work and vision. And not only did I convinced them, We decided to work together! So from now on I can say that I am on right path to success! And yet that path is difficult and thorny